Our customers are thrilled as we are!
“Now THIS is doing laundry like a boss. The laundromat is nothing special, but spacious and everything works, and there's a good range of machine sizes. Also some of the most efficient dryers I've ever run into. The real plus here is being in Montecito Center. You've got Oliver's, a burger joint, a taqueria, a coffee/donut shop, two barber shops, a grungy Stan Bennetts gym, a Round Table, a hardware store, and probably some other stuff that I forgot to keep you occupied while you wait.”
Jeremy H.

“A good place to go when you have to do laundry at a laundromat. Lots of machines to use, so it never feels like you won't have an open dryer available. The location, as noted by others, is great since you are next to a burger joint, taco joint and Oliver's Market (yay!). It's also clean and has a utility sink in the back that you can use. The four star rating instead of five is because they use tokens which is less efficient than quarters, because then you're stuck with a few tokens you can't use anywhere else. Overall, it's a decent and safe place to do your laundry.”
Charlie R.

“Huge laundromat! We are on vacation from Arkansas with our 6 kids so we had a lot of laundry to do. They have huge industrial washers that wash 8 loads at one time. They only take tokens so bring cash to put into the token machine. Two doors down there is an amazing Mexican restaurant that is delicious and priced very reasonably.”
Tink W.

This place has good working washer and dryers. Plenty to go around. Huge industrial washers too!!! You could fit like 4 sleeping bags in one!!! Price for the standard washers are $2 and the dryers are $0.50 for 14 minutes. Great location for food and grocery shopping!!!
Adam L.

This is probably one of the cleaner laundry mats in the area.  Huge washers and dryers and usually there isn't any wait to get one even on a busy weekend.  There also isn't any creepers that Ive noticed there yet.  Nice Mexican place next door to grab a brew and some food
J Dub. Z.

Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Doors open at 6:00 AM. Last wash at 9:30 PM.

Serving Montecito Heights, Brush Creek, Rincon Valley, Bennett Valley, Alta Vista, Skyhawk in Santa Rosa Ca.